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The Buffer card is a compact interface product for signal processing and amplification. The card has five independent channels with a large variety of uses. Eg multi setpoint systems, closed loop control, signal buffering etc. Channel 1 and 2. High accuracy differential amplifier with adjustable gain. Uses include inverting, non-inverting, amplification, attenuation, buffering, rectifying, filtering, load cell amplifier etc. Channels 3 and 4. High accuracy summing amplifier with variable gain, voltage input and zero offset adjustment. Uses include summing, scaling, amplification, subtraction, clamping, comparator, integrator, buffering etc. Channel 5. Linear ramp with variable ramp rate and ramp reset input. All channels are short circuit protected and can drive up to 10, 10K ohm pots with + or - signals. Also included is a precision power supply with ±12V and ±24V outputs, the unit can be power from 110/230V AC supplies.

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